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    TestM Hardware

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    Need to check your telephone's equipment, sensors and segments, to ensure everything is working appropriately? Need to fix your Android cell phone or tablet?

    Use TestM application to get a full telephone data and gadget status before you go into the lab!

    Check your telephone effectively!

    TestM is a FREE full equipment symptomatic application accessible for your cell phone and cell phone. Use TestM to check your telephone data and specs, get a full report to fix exactly what you have to and no more. Make exact online testaments to purchase or sell your telephone.

    The Most Accurate and Easy Mobile Tester App

    • Pinpoint issues with your telephone, tablet or keen gadget

    • 20+ complete tests for all parts of your gadget

    • Compatible with in excess of 14,000 Android and iOS gadgets!

    • Verify you're not purchasing a stolen telephone with the IMEI check

    • Make sure gadget is opened and prepared for use in your nation

    • Supports more than 20 dialects

    Equipment Check and Report for your Device

    Complete the telephone IMEI check and get a full status report on the web, and inside minutes, get a precise target report with all your telephone information, that can be fix your telephone.

    TestM reports are straightforward, easy to deliver, and accessible online anyplace, whenever, for any cell phone or cell phone and you can likewise set suggestions to check your gadget each time you like.

    Rundown of Tests Included in the application:

    • Screen test: Touch Screen, 3D contact

    • Sound test: Speakers, Earpiece, Microphone, Headphones

    • Motion: Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass

    • Connectivity test: WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, GPS

    Hardware Test: Light Sensor,Charger,Vibration,Proximity Sensor,Fingerprint sensor

    Camera Test: Front Camera,Back Camera,Led Flash

    Discover Repair Shops

    Quest for and find fix shops close-by. Set aside time and cash and just fix what you know is broken. On account of TestM you'll know precisely what's should be fixed on your Android gadget and you won't sit around idly and cash any longer on your telephone or tablet.


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