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    Abstract Squares

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    Free Version Includes:

    - Abstract Outlined Squares Matrix

    - 4 sorts of vivified contact intelligent streaming particles

    - Gyro 3d pivot

    - Swipe simulation

    Full Version Includes:


    - Fully 3d parallax live backdrop rendered with 13 sorts of dynamic shape/limitless

    - Incredible 3D parallax impact. Utilizations Gyroscope/Accelerometer.

    - Very smooth and battery profitable

    - When not perceptible application is completely stopped, it doesn't run anything in establishment

    - Choose You one Color with Holographic Color Picker

    - Touch-screen association ( Swipe disclosure )

    3D Abstract Shapes Includes:

    - 1 Infinite Space Looped Particle

    - 2 Abstract Outlined Squares

    - 3 Abstract Hexagonal Matrix

    - 4 Abstract Diamonds

    - 5 Star Cluster

    - 6 Abstract Disk

    - 7 Bats

    - 8 Halloween Pumpkins

    What's more, that is just a glimpse of something larger

    Guideline Settings Includes:

    - Gyroscope 3D Rotation/Parallax Effect

    - Swipe Simulation/Camera Rotation Around the Object

    - Color Picker for Touch Particles

    - Color Picker for Abstract Shapes

    - Double Tap for Settings Screen

    - 4 Types of Touch Follow Effect

    - Flowing particles

    - Particle Plexus

    - Particle Trails

    - Swipe your finger to make a sumptuous trail of spilling particle Effects.

    - Supports the two phones and tablets, picture/scene.


    - Very Colorful, Infinity system establishment Effects With Touch Follow Particle Plexus


    - Everything is 3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0, with totally natural Effects that supports multi-

    contact. The two tablets and phones are totally reinforced in both picture and scene modes!

    Propelled 3D Graphics Made With Unity Engine.

    More Options Will Be Added In Upcoming Version.

    The Best android 3D live Wallpaper 2018

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    Android 3D Live Wallpaper made with Unity 3D


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