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    U-Dictionary is a free word reference and elucidation application.

    By and by you can decipher between any two tongues from 108 vernaculars!

    U-Dictionary isn't only the most legitimate English word reference yet furthermore an astounding distinctive language translator. We meet all your understanding needs to fit different circumstances, for instance, considering, working and voyaging abroad. U-Dictionary is certainly more than a word reference!

    U-Dictionary Features:

    Content Translation: Translate between any two lingos from 108 tongues.

    Camera Translation: Snap a photograph with substance to get it deciphered. Sees 12 tongues.

    Detached Dictionary: Free download of Offline Packages for 44 tongues and proportional words, antonyms, phrases, English precedent sentences, Collins Advanced Dictionary, and WordNet Dictionary.

    Copy to Translate: Copy any word or sentence while scrutinizing, advising, or examining news, to get meaning immediately.

    Word Lock Screen: Show words you single out Lock Screen without structure by getting to the isolates pack.

    Expedient Translate: Get the significance in the notice bar without opening U-Dictionary.

    My Words: Save critical words into different coordinators. Accumulate and correct.

    Faultless English Pronunciation: Authentic UK (British) and US (American) underline. Tune in and learn.

    Test Sentences: Collected from celebrated overall news locales, for instance, BBC, NPR, etc.

    14 Display Languages: Now you can scrutinize in your nearby language.

    Words For Today: Learn new words every day to grow your vocabularies.

    Word Games: Find proportionate words game and spelling game. Play and learn.

    Engaging Videos: Fully utilize your accessible time to learn English easily and fun.

    Making Club: Talk about themes given every week by us to develop your creation aptitudes.


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