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    Unseen Gallery

    Unseen Gallery
    Concealed Gallery plays out a full sweep for your gadget hunting down pictures records which are not appeared in the principle display application and are stored in different documents.

    These pictures might be reserved duplicates of existing or erased pictures.


    How to see a picture in a greater size?

    Simply press and hang on the picture.

    Would i be able to utilize Unseen Gallery to recuperate erased pictures?

    You may,if you didn't utilize cleaner application subsequent to erasing the pictures you may discover reserved rendition of the erased pictures and recuperate them.

    Does it bolster Videos?

    No,just JPEG and PNG pictures for the time being

    Does it bolster Samsung's Secure Folder® ?

    Truly, it is completely upheld.

    Is it safe to erase any appeared in Unseen Gallery?

    The appropriate response relies upon which application made these pictures and what it do with it,and you have the full duty to erase any picture.


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