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    Salient Eye

    Salient Eye,Home Securitty Camera & Burglar Alarm

    You android device is 3 clicks away from becoming a home security alarm system

    peace of mind is as close as you spare/old phone or tablet.

    The salient Eye app turn you spare device into a survellance camera that can be placed in your home,office,dorm,hotel room

    Anywhere you want to monitor movement.

     Secure your rental without a hardwired system

    add security to your dorm room.

    Get immediate notification and photographic evidence if someone Steal you stuff.

    Find out if your roommate respects your privacy

    Know when you kids come home from school

    find out who has been snooping in your office space

    know when deliveries arrive at your door

    To Download The app click on the download button below 


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